Interview Tips For Albany Job Hunters

Advice To Help You Get Hired
You’ve found the Albany job of your dreams, your resume was reviewed, the interview is fast approaching, and you picture yourself heading off to Washington Ave. every morning. But, have you pictured yourself in the interview? No? You should.

Tip 1 – Plan, plan, plan. Find out all you can about the company and the available position, including who will be interviewing you, if possible. Review your work experience and be prepared to provide specific examples on how past performances will translate to this new position. Target the company’s needs in your responses. Note ahead of time any potential concerns or questions they may raise, and prep possible answers. Plan potential questions for the interviewers – you’ll appear poised and confident when that portion of the interview arises. Role play and rehearse the interview before you arrive.

Tip 2 – During the interview, make eye contact and BE POSITIVE!! Avoid negative comments about former employers and co-workers.

Tip 3 – Listen, observe and adapt. Pick up clues from the interviewer’s style, dress code, and office decor, and then use those clues when responding to questions. Is the business environment highly structured, or relaxed? Do people work in teams, or is independent work prized above all else. By paying attention to office layouts, interactions, and office dress, and to their responses to your questions, you’ll be surprised at how much information you can gather and then incorporate into your responses to their questions.

When the interview is concluded, make sure you are clear on the next step. Is there a second interview? Are they contacting all applicants regardless, or only those that are returning? If there’s a “if you don’t hear from us by” date, note it and don’t call to inquire about the position. DO follow up the interview with a brief letter to the interviewers thanking them for their time, letting them know you enjoyed speaking with them, and touching upon a highlight of the interview you felt made you a strong candidate for the position. Remember, a strong second-place candidate is often called if additional positions open up.



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