FreshMeadows.com disclaimer

FrestMeadows.com offers general information as a resource to the public. It is our intent to present information that is accurate, current and complete, but we cannot and do not make any promises or guarantees. 


Users of FreshMeadows.com consent to the collection and retention of user-provided information, such as name, address, telephone number, email address, URL, domain name or other identifying information. The information may be collected and used by FreshMeadow.com for commercial purposes, including but not limited to promoting products or services by contacting users. 

Our web server does not recognize a user’s email address unless it is volunteered and offered by the user. It does, however, recognize the user’s domain name. 

Information volunteered by users of FreshMeadow.com when submitting forms or registering at the site is used by us to improve our website content. We value user privacy, so users may opt out of permitting us to contact them using identifying personal information by sending a written request as to their wishes regarding its use. The written notification must be sent by certified or regular mail to the following address with “privacy-urgent” marked on the front of the envelope: 

125-10 Queens Blvd 
Kew Gardens, NY 11415 

FreshMeadows.com does not engage in the practice of selling, renting or disclosing its mailing lists to other parties. Its privacy policies may be changed or modified at the sole discretion of FreshMeadows.com at any time and without further notice. Changes will be posted as part of our privacy policy. 

Every effort is made by us to protect user privacy, but we may disclose it when required to do so by law or by court order and legal process. 

Privacy policy pertaining to display ads 

FreshMeadows.com reserves the right to use third-party companies to collect information or display advertising on our website. Display ads could make use of cookies, but FreshMeadows.com does not have access to the information gathered by them. The information collected by third-parties may include user names, addresses, email addresses and telephone numbers. 

Information collected by third-parties through the use of cookies may pertain to your visit to FreshMeadows.com as well as other websites. The information may be used to direct advertising to the user on our website and on other websites about specific goods or services. Additional information about display ad and the use of cookies, including instructions about how users may opt out is available at http://www.networkadvertising.com. 

Information collection process 

FreshMeadows.com is the owner of all information it collects on its website. This information is collected and used in several ways, including: 

  • User profiles: Cookies, log files and third parties are some of the methods by which user information is collected and used to generate a user profile. The profile is used by use to direct advertising and marketing. 
  • Cookies: FreshMeadows.com and some third-parties with whom we partner use cookies to collect information about users. The information is usually used to direct advertising on our website. 
  • Log files: We track use of our website through IP addresses, browser type, ISP and platform type. 

Information we collect about users allows us to communicate with them. Forms of communication may include special offers, announcements, customer service updates and newsletters.

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