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This website, FreshMeadows.com, offered subject to specific terms and conditions as stated in these site terms. Do not use this website before carefully reading the terms of use because using the site is your agreement to abide by all terms and guidelines stated in these terms of use. 

Any existing agreements users might have with FreshMeadows.com are not affected or altered by these site terms. FreshMeadows.com reserves the right to change its site terms at any time without prior notification. Use of the site is acknowledgement of agreement to the terms as changed or modified, so users should review the site terms before using the site. 

FreshMeadows.com privacy policy 

The terms for collection, use and disclosure of user personal identifying information by FreshMeadows.com is contained in its privacy policy. 

Ownership and copyright 

All text, images, logos and other content contained in this website are the property of FreshMeadows.com or licensors and protected under international and U.S. copyright laws. The copyright is held by FreshMeadows.com with all rights reserved. 


All trademarks, service names, graphics, slogans and designs used on this site may not be used or copied without the express, written consent of FreshMeadows.com. 

Limited License 

Users are granted a limited license to use and access the website and to copy, view and print its content, but such limited license may not be sublicensed to others without the written permission of FreshMeadows.com. Attribution for all content copied or printed by licensee must be clearly marked with the copyright symbol showing rights held by FreshMeadows.com. 


Limited permission is given by FreshMeadows.com for users to create hyperlinks to the website. The use must be for noncommercial purposes. The use of links by FreshMeadows.com to third-party sites is not an endorsement of the content of the linked site. These terms of use do not apply once users leave the FreshMeadows.com website. 

Use of interactive areas of the site 

If the website contains forums or other areas allowing for the posting of messages, comments or other content by users, the party posting the content is solely responsible for it. Users agree not to post, transmit or upload offensive or obscene content, including text or photos. FreshMeadows.com assumes no responsibility for content posted to its website by third parties, including users. Users who violate the conditions for use of interactive areas are subject to having their access to the site suspended or terminated at the sole discretion of FreshMeadows.com. 

FreshMeadows.com is not required to treat content posted by users as confidential. Users posting to the site grant FreshMeadows.com the right to use it as it deems appropriate. 

Applicable law 

This website is under the exclusive control of FreshMeadows.com. Claims related to disputes regarding the site are to be governed by the laws of the state of New York. Users consent to New York courts having jurisdiction over any disputes that might arise. 


The invalidity of any of the site terms shall not affect the ability of FreshMeadows.com to enforce terms that have not been declared by a court to be invalid. Questions concerning these terms of use should be directed in writing to the owner of the site at the following address: 

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