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Motivating employees and customers can seem like pulling teeth sometimes. However, when a company can work together as a team, the benefits can be surprisingly amazing for employees and sales.

Communication is one of the most important aspects of any successful company. Giving all employees tasks, jobs, and projects they have an interest in can promote not only a bond between owner and employee, but more energy to do work. Realistically, not every project in a company is going to appeal to everyone but having a strong connection to someone’s employees so the manager, business owner, or supervisor understands their likes and dislikes can help the entire company work together as a team, even if they don’t have an interest in the project. However, if an employee is assigned a project that they have a passion for or interest in will promote them to work hard and might be of a higher quality than if it was done by someone else. This can translate to customers, because if the customer knows how much effort was put into the product, they’re more likely to trust the company. Many people when buying something want to know if that company cares about their products and customers, so being able to fully communicate that to a potential buyer will increase demand in your product.

In addition, building strong relationships in a company is essential to the assurance of well being for the company. When coworkers genuinely like each other, want to work together, and cooperate as one essential team, then the product of the company is a strong message of teamwork, and high-quality products. The employees, when working together, can then believe in the company they work for and promote their products to the general public, giving potential buyers a look inside the company. Any customer wants to be assured that all the people working for the company generally like working there and even enjoy it, so being able to be reassured by that strengthens buyer loyalty.

Motivating employees and customers will benefit any company into increasing their sales, but every customer, potential buyer, and employee is a person, and strengthening the relationship between those parties only assures success.

Jacqueline Senecal- BE Marketing Intern





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