Keeping Your Home Guttering Clean

Cleaning gutters is not something that anyone likes to do. This is because it is quite a tedious job. But cleaning the gutters of your home is essential for maintaining your home.

After all, the clogged gutters of your house can play havoc with the drainage system of your home and harm it. It needs to be understood here that cleaning home gutters is not a weekly task or even a monthly task. It can be done after every 3 to 4 months.

Once you decide to ensure proper drainage by cleaning your gutters, you need to determine how you are going to access the gutters of your house. In case you have a low pitched roof, then you can go over on to the roof in order to clean the gutters. But a safer way will be clean your gutters by using a ladder.

Set yourself up securely. Use a garden shovel to remove debris from your home gutter. Dump it away into a bucket as that will make it easier to dispose off later. Remaining debris can be washed away with a hose. Wash it away towards the drain outlet as this will reduce build up and also help to flush the gutter. A high pressure setting on the hose will be better here.

In case water is not moving out freely from the drain outlet, make use of a plumber’s snake in order to remove debris. Use it at the bottom of the drain’s outlet to remove as much debris as you can. Now test the gutter by running water through it and check the drainage. Continue removing debris by using the plumber’s snake. Do it till water dispenses from the drain easily.

This is not all. For keeping your house looking at its best, you need to scrub down the outside of your home gutters. Also, touch up any spots by painting them. This way your house will look just like new.

In case you are hesitant on cleaning the gutters of your home yourself, then you can consider using a roofing contractor or a handy man.

The fact remains that you simply cannot push this chore away as it may turn out to be a very costly mistake. Cleaning gutters and ensuring drainage will assist in keeping the water away from leaking into the house and spoiling it. This way the basement will remain dry and free from moulds Your landscaping will remain as beautiful as ever. The roof plywood will remain dry and there will be no infestation of pests. Besides, the paint on your walls will get spoiled faster in case of improper drainage through home gutters. Thus it will be a big expense in the long run. Also, any kind of seepage would mean accumulation of water and its stagnation. This will give rise to foul smell and breeding of insects, pests and similar creatures. Thus regular cleaning of the gutters of your home is very important as it affects the health of your family and home.

credit to RealEstateCrunch.com



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