Lawyers in Fresh Meadows

No one wants to think about legal problems, but when they do arise, it is nice to know local lawyers are available to help. Attorneys in Fresh Meadows, New York offer these specialized legal services:

Real Estate Lawyers

Real estate law pertains to the laws and regulations governing the real property ownership. The special services of a real estate attorney may be required for easement disputes, as part of settling and estate, when discussing mineral rights and in dealing with the local government code violations.

Family Lawyers

Attorneys specializing in family law spend much of their time handling divorce, adoption, child support and abuse cases. While many courts provide family law forms free of charge, it takes an expert to navigate New York courts and come up getting the judgment you deserve.

Corporate lawyers

The bigger the company, the more complex the laws governing the company’s actions. Keeping up with changes in corporate law is a full-time job and requires an attorney who specializes in corporate law to help a corporation negotiate contracts, reduce liability and maintain operations that comply with local and federal code.

Medical Malpractice lawyers

When a patient is admitted to the hospital, he expects to come up feeling better, but that does not always happen. Whether a member of the medical profession makes a mistake or an intention cost-cutting attempt results in death or personal injury, medical malpractice lawyers can see to it that the patient is fairly compensated for his pain.

Traffic Lawyers

While the majority of New Yorkers may not drive on a daily basis, traffic violation and car accidents sometimes require the intervention of a traffic law professional to ensure you keep your license.



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